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General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Our goal at Easy Ticket S.L., company registered in Spain, with tax ID number B-57997405 and registered at the Palma de Mallorca office, Tomo 2686, book 0, folio 57, sheet number PM-80333, Inscr 1, is that your experience purchasing through us is simple, quick and fair, making you enjoy the events in the best way posible. This General Terms and Conditions of Purchase are created to ensure that the checkout at www.holaplan.com is satisfactory and understandable for you. They will be available at all time in Spanish or English at www.holaplan.com for you to view, sabe or print. If you have any questions concerning the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of this site, you can contact us at help@holaplan.com.

holaplan.com is an online purchasing service available 24 hours a day that enables you to purchase tickets for all kind of shows and events via the Internet from the comfort of your own home.

Using the website www.holaplan.com, Easy Ticket provides an advance ticket sales service to allow the public and users to buy tickets, managing their distribution on behalf of and for the promoter.

Moreover, this section sets out all the information needed concerning the steps users should follow in order to purchase a ticket for an event or show, the terms and conditions, the refund policy, etc. Easy Ticket provides its website in Spanish and English. Users can choose the language in which they prefer to manage and finalise the purchase of tickets at any time or simply select the language they prefer to use to browse the website www.holaplan.com.

For all issues relating to the processing of users’ personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

Use of the website confers the status of user and this means that you are agreeing to the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and the Terms and Conditions of Use according to the version published by Easy Ticket at the time the user is browsing the website.

The user states that he has the legal capacity needed to act and carry out transactions on the website in line with the terms set forth below, which he states he understands and agrees to.

The user is responsible for providing his details correctly during the purchasing processes provided on the holaplan website, and he should take particular care when entering his personal data and bank details.

In accordance with the Privacy Policy, when using data recorded on the file Easy Ticket undertakes to respect the confidentiality of such data and to use it in accordance with the purpose established for said file, as well as to fulfil the obligation to keep said data and adopt all measures needed to avoid the unauthorised alteration, loss, processing or access to said data in accordance with current legislation on personal data protection. The issue and remittance of data by a user via the Easy Ticket website or information sent to us shall be protected using the latest online electronic security techniques. Moreover, the data entered in and stored in our databases is also protected by security systems preventing unauthorised third parties from gaining access. Easy Ticket endeavours to ensure it has the necessary technology systems to guarantee efficiency in security.

Our ticket sales service is offered in exchange for payment, and users are given all the information needed concerning the price of each ticket at all times on the website. The information service offered via the website is free of charge.

Easy Ticket strives to offer promoters and the general public with a channel for purchasing tickets, but at no time does it act as an entity promoting the event or show.


1.1 We sell tickets and associated products and/or services on behalf of promoters, producers, teams, artists and venues or establishments. By “Promoter” or “Promoters” we refer to the persons organising or holding the show and/or who provide us with tickets and/or associated products or services to sell.

1.2 We sell tickets as soon as and whenever they are assigned to us by the Promoters. The number of tickets made available to us for sale varies from show to show. Tickets are often sold via a number of distribution points, including online channels, call centres and even ticket booths. All distribution points have access to the same inventory and ticket issue system; accordingly, tickets for popular shows may sell out in a short space of time. Occasionally, more tickets may be made available prior to a particular show, although Easy Ticket has no control over inventory or availability.

1.3 For some shows, tickets may be sold as part of a “package” (when a ticket is sold for a show along with concessions, promotional items or other valuable features, such as exclusive seats, accommodation, transport, meals or promotional items as an all-inclusive package sold accordingly) or as part of “targeted sales” (where, aside from the ticket and independently from it, customers are offered the chance to secure parking, promotional items, travel, etc.).

1.4 In these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase we refer to “articles” as all manner of products and/or services that go on sale (such as tickets, platinum tickets, packages and targeted sales). All mentions of a ticket include (if applicable) a platinum ticket. In order to buy an article(s) from us you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid credit/debit card issued in your name.

The user states that he is of legal age (above the age of 18 years) and has the legal capacity needed in order to perform a transaction for the services offered by suppliers over the website according to the terms set forth below, which the user declares he understands and agrees to.

If minors perform a transaction, permission from the parents or legal guardians will be needed to allow them to use the service ordered. The user is the sole party liable for the veracity and accuracy of the data provided to Easy Ticket during the reservation process.


2.1 All purchases of our articles are governed by: (i) these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase; (ii) any special terms and conditions posted on our website; and (iii) the terms and conditions of the Promoter(s) and/or the show, which may be seen on their respective websites. The terms and conditions of the venue may also be seen at the venue ticket office.

2.2 Your purchase agreement for an article becomes effective as soon as we confirm your purchase and it terminates upon the finalisation of the show for which you have purchased the article. However, if you have purchased any product as part of our targeted sales, your purchase agreement will terminate once fourteen (14) days have elapsed following the date of delivery to you. All purchases are subject to payment card verification and other security checks. Your transaction may be cancelled if it is not possible to successfully complete the verification process.

2.3 Users undertake not to obtain or try to obtain any type of article through unauthorised use of any robot or automated device or by any other unauthorised or unlawful activity. We reserve the right to cancel any transaction we have reason to suspect has been performed in breach of these provisions without issuing users with prior warning, and all articles purchased in such transactions shall be cancelled.

2.4 We reserve the right to cancel any reservation we have reason to suspect has been made in a fraudulent manner. In order to simplify your purchase of tickets as far as possible, we offer a number of purchase options:
• Via the Internet
• Using your mobile
• Over the telephone
• In our outlet network


Sale of tickets via the Internet

By purchasing your tickets online, not only do you avoid the queues, you ensure your ticket and can print them in the comfort of your home

Sale of tickets over the telephone

If you wish to purchase your tickets using our telephone service, simply call (34) 971301207 and tell the operator which event you are interested in. Remember to keep your credit card handy and have a contact telephone number available. On completing the purchase process, the operator will ask for an email to send the tickets to, so you can print them. Outlet network

In our outlet netwok you’ll be able to buy tickets. You can pay in cash and by credit card. We currenty count with various outlets connected to our system. To check your nearest outlet check our list.


Purchases made via the Internet or over the telephone:

We accept the following credit cards: Visa and Mastercard, regardless of the bank or card type (credit/debit). The ticket sales system uses a secure server and the latest encryption technology.

Purchases made in shops and outlets:

The common method of payment in shops is with cash, although some centres also accept card payments.


If your purchase has been completed correctly, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the ticket and detailed information of the purchase you have just completed. If the email does not reach your inbox, it may be because some Internet services identify it as spam. Make sure you check your spam folder.


Once your purchase is complete and you have received the confirmation email, your tickets will be available for you to print and present at the venue.


All of the products and/or services included as part of a package or sold through targeted sales shall be supplied and provided by our Promoters, who shall be responsible for the delivery and quality of said products and/or services. If you have any query or complaint in relation to targeted sales and/or part of a package not concerning tickets, you should contact the respective Promoter directly. You will find the contact details in the disclaimer on our website or in the reservation confirmation email.


8.1 Purchases you make from us may give rise to administration costs for each article and non-refundable delivery expenses for each order, although these will be detailed prior to beginning the purchase process.

8.2 Although we try to ensure the prices advertised on our website are all accurate, errors sometimes occur. If we find out about an error in the price of any article you have ordered, we will inform you at the earliest possible opportunity, allowing you to choose between changing your order at the correct price (by charging or refunding the difference in your account, as appropriate) or cancelling the order. If you decide to cancel the order after paying the incorrectly advertised price, we will refund the full amount paid.


9.1 If you have purchased a ticket or package, you will not be entitled to cancel your purchase. You will also not be entitled to cancel any “excluded targeted sales”, such as targeted sales including travel, accommodation, meals, transport or leisure services.

9.2 If you have purchased any product as part of targeted sales (except for excluded targeted sales), you will be entitled to cancel your transaction within fourteen (14) days following the date of delivery of the product (or within a longer period, if established according to the terms and conditions of the Promoter). Nonetheless, in these cases you will not be entitled to cancel your associated purchase of tickets. In order to cancel your purchase as part of targeted sales you should fill in and submit our cancellation form or contact us. You can find further details about your cancellation rights in our information concerning cancellations.

9.3 Cancellation Insurance
If you can’t or don’t want to assist to and event, the 360 holaplan Cancellation Insurance covers the 100% of the amount paid for the ticket. Mentioned insurance covers the total amount of the event and allows you to cancel with no reason. By adding this insurance, you can ask for your cancellation informing us 24 hours before the start of the event.

9.4 In the case of wanting to cancel a ticket without having the 360 holaplan Cancellation Insurance, you can request the cancellation asking with at least 48 hours notice before the event starts, and with a cancellation fee of 10€ per ticket.


10.1 Any ticket you purchase from us will continue to be the property of the Promoter, constituting a personal revocable license that may be withdrawn, refusing admission at any time. If this takes place, you will be refunded the sales price of the ticket withdrawn from you or for which admission is refused (including all ticket administration costs, although excluding order processing fees).

10.2 The policies set by our Promoters may prevent us from issuing tickets to replace any lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed ticket. For instance, for shows that are standing room only where the original ticket and the replacement may be used, the maximum allowed capacity of the venue may be breached. If replacement tickets are issued, we may charge you reasonable administration costs.

10.3 It is your responsibility to check your tickets, errors cannot always be rectified. In the case of a mistake with the tickets, you must contact the Customer Service department at help@holaplan.com


11.1 When buying tickets from us, the number of tickets you can buy will be limited to a specific number for each show. The number will be stated on the initial purchase page and is checked on each transaction. This policy applies in order to prevent malpractice in the purchasing of tickets. Tickets may be limited to a maximum amount per person, per credit card and, for some shows, a restriction may apply to each household. We reserve the right to cancel purchased tickets exceeding this number without prior warning.

11.2 Tickets may be sold with specific restrictions on access and use, such as limited, obstructed or side views, or minimum age limits for admission. When this is the case, the restriction shall be specified on our website or you will otherwise be notified before or when reserving your tickets. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read all notifications posted on our website.

11.3 You are not allowed to resell or assign your tickets if this is prohibited by law. The Promoters may also prohibit the resale or assignment of tickets for certain shows. Any instance of resale or assignment (or attempt at resale or assignment) of a ticket in breach of applicable laws or any other prohibition established by the Promoter will constitute grounds for the confiscation or cancellation of said ticket without the right to a refund or compensation.

Illegal resale of a ticket or attempted illegal resale of a ticket shall constitute a crime of electronic fraud envisaged in article 248 of the Spanish Criminal Code with a sentence imposed of up to six years’ imprisonment as a result of use of the electronic payment system to purchase tickets whenever any of the following circumstances applies:

• Providing false details for the buyer or card number used as a method of payment.
• Using the details of individuals other than the buyer.
• Providing card numbers that are not the same as that of the buyer.
• Misappropriation of the identity of the holder of other individuals’ cards.
• Using card numbers generated with computer programmes or similar algorithms.

Easy Ticket refuses to accept any liability for tickets purchased from unofficial points of sale. Easy Ticket shall not be held liable for any differences in price compared to other sales channels or means.

11.4 You cannot combine a ticket with any service, travel, accommodation service and/or other promotional items, products or services in order to create a package, unless you seek express permission in writing in a reliable manner from us and the Promoter.

11.5 A ticket cannot be used for advertising, promotion or competition purposes, nor in draws, unless you seek express permission in writing in a reliable manner from the Promoter. However, even if permission is granted, use of our trademarks and other intellectual and industrial property will also require prior consent from us.

12.1 It is your responsibility to check whether a show has been cancelled or if the date and time of any show has changed. In the event of the cancellation or a change of date of a show we will use all reasonable means possible to notify you about the cancellation as soon as we receive permission from the Promoter to do so. We cannot guarantee that you will be informed about such a cancellation prior to the date of the show. Changes taking place subsequent to the start of ticket sales, such as changes of dates, venues, artists, event cancellation, etc. shall be the responsibility of the event Promoter.

If any change takes place to an event or show, Easy Ticket undertakes to:
a) Publish it on the website as soon as it is brought to our notice in order to keep users duly informed.
b) Send a message to the email address specified or a text message to the mobile telephone number indicated by the user upon making the purchase, informing them of the changes.
c) Inform the user about the procedure adopted by the Promoter if said party decides to refund the amount.

12.2 You should be aware that the published starting times of shows are subject to change.

12.3 Tickets are sold notwithstanding the Promoter’s right to alter or vary the programme owing to events or circumstances reasonably beyond their control, without them being required to refund sums paid or exchange tickets, unless such a change constitutes a major alteration in accordance with the provisions of section 8.4, whereby the stipulations of said article shall be applicable.

12.4 Responsibility for the state of visibility at the event or show venue, sound quality, comfort at the establishment, accessibility and so on shall be incumbent on the Promoter.

13.1 At times, shows may be cancelled, the date changed or any other major changes made to the event by the team, the artist or the Promoter for a variety of reasons. Please contact us for specific indications in this regard. Once a ticket has been purchased, the amount may not be refunded or changed, except in circumstances stipulated in current legislation.

Not being able to attend an event or show or making a mistake in purchasing the ticket(s) shall not constitute grounds for a refund. Users are not entitled to exercise the right to withdrawal or termination in accordance with applicable regulations on consumer affairs and retail trading.


13.2 Cancellation: if a show is cancelled (not the same as a change of date), you will be offered a refund for the sales price of your ticket(s), including administration costs for each ticket. If a show takes place over a number of days and one or more days are cancelled (but not the entire show over all planned days), a partial refund may apply solely to the day(s) for which the show was effectively cancelled.

As a distributor, Easy Ticket may solely and exclusively cancel tickets and, accordingly, proceed to refund the amount paid when we receive an express order from the Promoter of the event and/or show in the case of cancellations, date changes, and so on.

13.3 Change of date: unless specified otherwise for a specific show, if the date of a show is changed, you will be offered seats (whenever available) for the same value as those reserved in your original tickets. If you are unable to attend the show on the new date, you will be offered a refund for the sales price of your ticket(s), including administration costs for each ticket. You should inform us if you are unable to attend the show on the new date within the deadline we stipulate; otherwise, we may confirm your reservation for the new date and you will not be entitled to demand a refund.

13.4 Major alteration: if a show undergoes major alterations, you can choose to either confirm your order for the altered show or request a refund (for the sales price of your ticket(s), including administration costs for each ticket) within the period we have stipulated. If you do not inform us of your decision, we may confirm your order for the altered show and you will not be entitled to demand a refund. A “major alteration” is a change which, according to our reasonable judgment and that of the Promoter, causes the show to differ greatly from that which the ticket buyer generallyand reasonably expected.

The use of replacements for theatrical performances and/or other types of changes to: (i) any performance by supporting artists; (ii) the members of a group; and/or (iii) the arrangement or line-up of any show involving several artists (such as a festival) shall not be deemed as major alterations.

13.5 In order to request your refund, you must contact our Customer Service Department at the email help@holaplan.com. In the event of a cancellation, refunds can be made within a period of fifteen days following the date on which the suspension of the show is publicly announced. Once this period has elapsed, no refunds will be accepted.

Purchases made over the telephone, via the Internet or at ATMs:

The refund of the amount paid for the tickets will be made automatically to the card with which the purchase was made within a period of approximately 3 to 15 business days. The refund will be effective within a period of 3 to 10 business days after you have been notified by us. In order to check the payment, you should get a statement for the bank card (debit or credit) you used when you made the purchase.

13.6 If you have purchased any article linked to a cancelled show, one that has had the date changed or one that has undergone a major alteration (such as parking or travel) and you are required to receive a refund for the ticket price paid in accordance with this stipulation 8.

13.7 These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase do not and shall not affect your legal rights as a consumer. For further information about your legal rights, please contact the Spanish Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (AECOSAN).

13.8 Unless adding a Cancellation Insurance to your purchase, tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded once they have been purchased, following stipulation 9.3 and 9.4.


14.1 Personal plans, including travel, accommodation and other services in relation to the show that you have purchased yourself shall be your responsibility and are ordered at your expense. We do not accept any liability, and nor do/does the Promoter(s), for any loss of the right of enjoyment or expense lost.

14.2 Easy Ticket and the Promoter shall solely be liable for any damages caused to individuals or property when it is due to their own negligence or fault by legal mandate.

14.3 None of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase seeks to exclude or limit our liability or that of the Promoter(s) for death or personal damage stemming from a fraudulent or negligent conduct or any other type of liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law which may be attributed to us or the Promoter(s) (as applicable).


15.1 The venue reserves the right to refuse admission if the clients breach any of the terms and conditions of the show or those established by the Promoter. The venue may occasionally be required to undergo consultations in relation to safety to ensure the security of clients. Ticket(s) are issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the venue and the event Promoter. All details will be at the user’s disposal at the ticket booth in the venue. Any breach of these rules and regulations, or any action that may cause damage, detriment or injury shall entitle the venue or the event Promoter to remove the user from the venue. In any event, Easy Ticket advises buyers to be aware of, and refers them to, the rules established by the event Promoter or the specific show at any given time in each case and for each event.

15.2 No exit or re-entry passes will be issued whatsoever.

15.3 Unauthorised use of photographic and recording equipment is strictly prohibited. Photographs, videos and/or recordings may be deleted or destroyed. Laser pens, selfie sticks, dogs (with the exception of guide dogs) and food and drink belonging to clients may also be prohibited from the venue (the venue rules should be checked beforehand).

15.5 Both you and all other ticket holders are granting consent for sound and images to be recorded as you are part of the audience.

15.6 Prolonged exposure to loud sounds can induce hearing loss.

15.7 A show may include special effects such as sound, audiovisual, fireworks or lighting effects, to name a few.


16.1 If you have any query or complaint in relation to your purchase, please contact us at help@holaplan.com quoting the order number provided to you on completing the order process.

16.2 In view of the fact that we sell articles on behalf of Promoters, we may need to contact them to gain further information before responding to a complaint from you. Some complaints may take up to 28 days to solve; however, we will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity.

16.3 If any conflict arises, we will try to deal with queries in a diligent manner and negotiate in good faith, seeking a compromise that is fair and balanced according to your interests, ours and those of the Promoter.


17.1 These terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law and any conflict arising from a transaction with Easy Ticket shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.

17.2 These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and the General Terms and Conditions of Contract, in addition to any specific terms and conditions established, if applicable, expressly regulate relations between Easy Ticket and third parties (hereinafter, "users") who perform a transaction via the website www.holaplan.com

17.3 These General Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on information society and e-commerce services; Law 7/1998, of 13 April, on general terms and conditions of contract; Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approving the consolidated text of the general law for the defence of consumers and users and other supplementary laws; and Law 7/1996, of 15 January, on the regulation of retail trading, as well as all other applicable legal provisions.

17.4 If any stipulation set out in these General Terms and Conditions is declared as ineffective or rendered null and void, either in full or in part, the ineffective or annulled provision or part thereof shall only affect the provision or part thereof in question, whereby the remaining General Terms and Conditions shall continue to be effective and it shall be deemed that the provision or part thereof in question had not been originally established.


In compliance with the current legislation in Personal Data Protection, we inform that all the data you provide us when filling in the forms appearing in this website will be recorded in a file that is responsability of:

By virtue of what’s established in mentioned legislation, the holder of the personal data can exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, removal, opposition, limit of the treatment, portability of the data, and to not be object of automatized individual decisions, including the creatinf of profiles, by addressing in written to:
Calle Marià Villangómez, 43 Bajo
07800 Ibiza

or by email to the email address info@holaplan.com with the subject “DATA PROTECTION”.

The fact of not introducing the personal data that appear in our registration form as mandatory, can have as consequence that we cannot attend your application.

We ask you to communicate immediately with Easy Ticket, S.L. for any change in your personal data, so the information on our files is always up to date and with no mistaked. Additionally, with the acceptance of this legal notice, you admit that the information and personal data recorded are exact and true.

The collection of you personal data is done with the puropose of providing the service of issuing and managing your tickets, and to transmit advertisement of other products and services, notices and offers, and in general, any comercial information from Easy Ticket, S.L.

We also infom that our servers will send to you computer a file (‘cookie’), that will provide us information of the selected languages and other options of your browsing on the pages you visit through www.holaplan.com. In any case, you have the possibility of configuring your computer to disable the instalation of these ‘cookies’.

Easy Ticket, S.L. is compromised in treating your personal data in a completely confidential way and to only use it for the mentioned purposes.

We infom you that Easy Ticket, S.L. has adopted the required measures of security in its installations, systems and files, as required by the law in Data Protection. Additionally, the responsable of the file guarantees that the confidentiality of the personal data, even though will reveal to the public authorities the personal data and any other information accesible through the platform, if legally required.

The holder of the data responds, in all cases, to the veracity, accuracy, validity, authenticy and propierty of the provided personal data.

Legal information

In accordance with the article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of Services of the Society of Information and Eletronic Commerce (Servicios de la Sociedad de la información y de Comercio Electrónico), we informa ll our customers, users and visitors of the legal information relative to the company owner of the website:

Company Name: Easy Ticket, S.L.
Company Address: Calle Marià Villangómez, 43 Bajo, 07800, Ibiza
C.I.F. (Código de Identificación Fiscal): B-57997405
Registro Mercantil : Palma de Mallorca, Tomo 2686, libro 0, folio 57, hoja PM-80333, Inscrip. 1


Introduction and concept of cookie

In compliance with the established in the second section of article 22 of the Law 34/2002, July 11th, of Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce (Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico) with the present document, Easy Ticket, S.L., from now on the COMPANY, informs of what are cookies, their function, utility and need, so you can take the decission of accepting them or not. Despite that, you are informed that there may be cookies that are necessary for the communications between your system and the network, and also to provide services specifically requested by you, in both cases the compliance of the obligations established in the mentioned article are excluded.

A cookie is a file of anonimous code that is downloaded on to you comptuer when accessing certain websites. These small files alow the website, amongst many other things, to store, register and recover information in a passive way of the users or computers browsing performance in the website. This information can allow to know the location from where you access, the time of conection, the device from where you access (mobile or desktop), operative system, most visited pages and number of clicks done, amongst other user performance on Internet.

You can disable the cookies on your browser and delete them at any moment. However, you must know that even if the website is accesible without the cookies being abled, it’s posible that disabeling these can stop it correct funcionality. To learn more about cookies, you can visit the URL: http://www.aboutcookies.org/.

Types of Cookies

The cookies can be classified in the following categories depending on their purpose:

  • Cookies strictly necessary or technical: The ones that allow a user to browse through a website, platform or app, as well as using the different options that in exist in mentioned website.
  • Cookies for customizing: The ones that allows the user configurate some general features used to access the website (language, type of browser, etc.).
  • Cookies for analysis: The ones that allows the responsable of the website the following and analysis of the behaviour of the user on the related websites. These are used to analyze the activity of the sites or applications where the user enters, as well as to elaborate profiles of browsing that can be used to introduce improvements for the users in mentioned websites.
  • Cookies for advertisement: The ones used to manage the advertisement spaces that the owner of the website or application has introduced in mentioned website.
  • Cookies for advertisement based on behaviour: The ones that allow the management of the advertisement spaces that the owner of the website has introduced in mentioned website, in a more efefctive way. For this, they use data of behaviour registered in these cookies.

Use of Cookies on the Website

We inform that in an express, precise and unequivocal way, the information obtained through the cookies installed in your computer, except the ones used for the customization of the browsing and technical issues, is not used by us, as we do not install analysis or advertisement cookies of any type. The recipient of the information obtained through the cookies installed in your computer are the following:

  • Owner
  • Google

The purpose are the ones explained in the following:

Cookie Owner Expiration Funcionality
PHPSESSID Owner Session This cookie is used by the PHP language to manage the variables of session kepf in the web server. This cookie is essential for the funcionality of the website.
_ga Google Two years from it’s installation Generates statistic data of the use of the page.
_gat Google Session Calculates the rate of interest of the website.
_gid Google Session Statistics of how the user browses the website.

Revocation of the authorization to use cookies and browser configuration

As we have informed, once the cookies are installed you have the possibility of revoque and delete these at any time. For this, you’ll have to use the configuration options for content and privacy of the browser you are using.

Update of the Cookies Policy and Contact

This Cookies Policy can change according to the cookies used. We recommend to visit these policies every time you access our website with the purpose of being fully informed of how and for what we use cookies and to be informed of any change in the type of cookie we register. If you have any questions about our Cookie Policy or wish to revoke the consent given before, you can contact Easy Ticket, S.L. through the following email info@clubtickets.com with the subject “Cookies Policy”.

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